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Graphical Results

After click "Submit" button, if the option "Accession Input" was used, the window contain PDB IDs that mapped to the input UniProt accession/Entry name was appeared. Users can select PDB IDs of interest and then click "Submit Selected ID(s)" . These IDs will then available in the Graphical Result page at the "Selected PDB ID" combo box. In some cases, the sequence/position context from PDB structures could not be mapped with the UniProt data, therefore these PDB IDs will be not available in the "Selected PDB ID" combo box. However, users can view these unmapped structure using the "Structure Input" in the Input tab.

The result of AbDesigner3D comprised of heat map and 3D structure(s) of the protein. The heat map results shows scores of predicted immunogenicity, uniqueness (predictor of specificity), conservation (predictor of multispecies cross-reactivity), accessible surface area (ASA), protein-protein interacting residues (PPIRs), and relevant protein features such as post-translational modifications, domain architecture, sites of sequence variation due to alternative splicing, and other regions or sites of interest culled from the corresponding UniProt record. When user click at the residue on the heat map, the "Interactive specialized viewer " will re-center at the selected residue and also its neighbouring residues. Users can also maximize/minimize the heat map and the  "Interactive specialized viewer "  windows.

Results generated by AbDesigner3D

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