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__Welcome to EnHERV.


__The human genome contains a wide variety of endogenous retrovirus-like sequences. Human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs)

__comprise up to 6–8% of the human genome. From a junk DNA espect, they become more interested in biomedical world because

__of their expression tend to associated with several diseases, including cancer and autoimmune diseases.


__EnHERV is a database designed for not only searching HERV neighboring gene, this database provides enrichment analysis

__function of selected HERV characteristics agint genes list. This database is compiled from the human genome nucleotide analysis

__mainly in the repeat analysis pipeline from Repbase Update (RU). This database allows user to easily search for gene certaining

__HERV in a specific characteristics in a entire human genome. EnHERV aims to identified certain HERV characteristic that

__statistically significant of enrichment in specified gene list especially for gene expression data. User can start using searching

__function by selecting Search tab at navigation panel. User can search by genes name or HERV characteristics. Then user can run

__the Fisher's exact test for identifying by using Enrichment Analysis function. User also can retrieved the entire database from

__Download section.


__About EnHERV

__EnHERV was built with Feb 2009 (GRCh37/hg19) assembly and repeat from RepeatMasker version open-3.2.7

__HERV/LTR names in EnHERV were transfered from RepeatMasker program.


__382,662 HERV elements were identified as neighboring loci of 73,645 UCSC gene ID which classify into

_____- 4 superfamiies: ERV1, ERVK, ERVL, and ERVL-MaLR

_____- 133 families

_____- 413 group


_____* 3 additional group were also included in EnHERV;

_______- Harlequin contains HERVE, HERVI, HERV17 and MER4I members according to Harlequin (DF0000017) accession in Dfam

_______- HERVE/HERVW contains both HERVE and HERVW members

_______- HERVW_LTR contains only LTR elements that belong to HERVW group


__Notation EnHERV requires official gene symbol as an input.

__Reference: If you use EnHERV in any published work, please cite:

__Tongyoo P, Avihingsanon Y, Prom-On S, Mutirangura A, Mhuantong W, Hirankarn N. EnHERV: Enrichment analysis of specific

__human endogenous retrovirus patterns and their neighboring genes. PLoS One. 2017 May 4;12(5)



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