Piriya Wongkongkathep

ดร.พิริยะ วงศ์คงคาเทพ

Ph.D., Biochemistry, University of California Los Angeles (2015)
MS, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2011)
Projects: STING interactomes, Cancer Vaccine
Expertise: Mass spectrometry, Proteomics, Instrumentation, and several kinds of analytical instruments
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Pete received his Master of Science degree in Analytical Chemistry from UNC-Chapel Hill, working under Dr. Gary Glish to develop quadrupole ion trap instrumentation for aerosol analysis. Then he moved to UCLA to work with Dr. Joseph Loo for top-down mass spectrometry works to identify and characterize protein-ligand interactions by native-ESI and electron capture dissociation (ECD). Besides doing research, Pete is known as a landscape photographer.

Representative publications

  • Wongkongkathep, P. et al, Int J Mass Spectrom (2015), 390:137-145 
  • Acharya, S. et al, J Biol Chem (2014) 289, 10727-10737 
  • Li H, et al, J Am Soc Mass Spectrom (2014), 25, 12, 2060-2068